Sunday, March 10, 2013

My craftroom: Let the work begin

Like many scrappers, I started out working at my dining room table. Next it was a small desk in the corner of the living room then that got moved to the family room and traded for a larger desk. Most currently, I have been working in what would normally be the formal dining room. I have made that space work for me pretty well but I have always wished for a space that I could leave my projects out and just close the door on the creative mess. Now that our daughter has married and moved from home, I am getting my wish. We are converting her room into a craft room/home office. I am very lucky my husband doesn't mind that I am taking over the space. He has been such a great help in this project.

 This is what we started with. It was very modern, perfect for our daughter, not so much for me.
 I took down the wallpaper border and hubby took down the too modern fan/light. We decided to take advantage of the room being empty and have the "popcorn" ceiling removed and all the walls retextured. Pictures can not show just how much better it looks with the new texture.
My son really had a blast helping us prime and paint.
I LOVE the new color.
And the new ceiling fan/light.
While we were working on various stages of the room, I was also working on some furniture that
would go into the room. I wanted a mix of old and new furniture. I was really excited to find
this cool vintage post office cabinet from the 1950's. I plan to get a little stool to go in the
 open space so I can pull it out and work at this spot. I didn't want it restored, I just cleaned it up really well and darken the stain in a few places, that was perfect for what I wanted.
The other big project I completed was my craft desk. My husband and I found
 this cute little desk that was  just the right size for the space.
 It just needed a little fixing up.  My plan was to change the hardware and to restain the drawers a lighter color, giving the desk a two-toned effect. I sanded the drawer fronts and top edge of the desk  and used a couple of different stains to get the color that I wanted. I found some great new hardware that matched the stain colors perfectly. I am so happy with how this turned out!
After Ken put together my big cubby shelf and new computer desk, we added the rest of the furniture. Including some cool new office chairs that are not only cute but super comfy! 
The view looking into the room.
 It looks plain right now but once everything else gets in I am sure it will look awesome.
The view looking out of the room.
It is all coming together. Now that the main parts are in place, we'll move the computer in and I will start organizing and decorating the room. Look for more pictures of that in my next post.