Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"What's your scrappy style?" If It's Groovy Challenge

Do you know your scrapbooking style? I really didn't. Here is my post from If It's Groovy:
What’s my scrapbooking style? Hmm, good question. I was not sure what my style was, so I explored the web in search of the answer. At times I was more confused than when I started. In the end, I think I fall into the “classic” style with a bit of “clean and simple”, “distressed” and a dash of “artsy/sophisticated ”. I think as scrappers we are always evolving so it is hard to just put ourselves in one category. Sometimes the pictures themselves dictate the style, more playful photos can lend themselves to a more “cutesy” style, while formal graduation photos may lead you to use a more elegant, sophisticated style. Whatever style you create in, it’s important to have fun and enjoy the process.
I think this layout shows some of what I would call "my style". I love inky edges, clocks, the big title. I also love the story the pictures tell. My son and his 3 grandfathers, I cherish these pictures. I am so glad I have a layout with them made.

I would love to see what your style is. Head on over to If It's Groovy and take the challenge. You can also see what the other members of the design have done. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Maybe the mistake is in trying to define your style at all. Instead, we need to just refer to the style as "Sheena" (as in, "Hey, look at this Sheena paper!" or "That woman has a very Sheena style!").

  2. You are too funny, Cindy! I like it, I have my own style named after me, that is the answer!